Here’s What’s in the Infrastructure Bill Biden Will Sign Today

In total, the measure contains $550 billion in new funds to be spread around different areas of need.,


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Here’s what’s in the infrastructure bill that Biden will sign today.

The infrastructure measure includes $66 billion to invest in Amtrak and fund new rail lines and upgrades to existing ones.Credit…Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times

Nov. 15, 2021Updated 1:48 p.m. ET

With President Biden poised to sign the sweeping $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday, officials from the Transportation Department and state governments across the country have identified priority projects that have been put off for years and may now move ahead, such as repairing hundreds of aging bridges and building dozens of new or extended rail lines.

But the bill will also fund a number of other broad initiatives such as expanding broadband internet in rural corners of the country and cleaning up heavily polluted Superfund sites. In total, the measure contains $550 billion in new funds to be spread around different areas of need. Here are some of the areas covered.

$47 billion for climate resiliency.
New funding aimed at combating wildfires and preparing coastal regions for more frequent hurricanes and flooding.

$7.5 billion for electric vehicles.
Increasing the availability of charging stations across the country, which is part of Mr. Biden’s pledge to build 500,000 stations nationwide.

$15 billion for removing lead service lines.
Modernizing water systems to address contaminated drinking water that has affected multiple large population centers.

$66 billion for rail.
A significant investment in Amtrak, which has a major maintenance backlog, as well as funding for new rail lines and upgrades to existing ones.

$73 billion for the electricity grid.
Upgrades to the country’s power systems that, among other things, will help the grid carry renewable energy.

$2 billion for underserved rural areas.
A grant program aimed at expanding transportation projects in rural areas.

$65 billion for broadband.
Funding to provide high-speed internet access to hard-to-reach populations, including Native American communities.

$21 billion for environmental projects.
Increased funds for cleaning up abandoned mines, contaminated waterways and other polluted sites overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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